Our Story


Welcome to my little corner of the world at Poobird’s Rarities.  I started this company in 2012 to share my passion for journals with others. My mission is to get people excited about the art of writing again. The digital age is expanding into every nook of our daily lives. I think  it’s more important then ever that we unplug and document our life on paper. To inspire that process I create one of a kind, handmade books for people to  document their journey. I breathe new life into the things I create and believe each piece has a personality all  its’ own.  Each one is  waiting for the right person to find it; to be their companion and inspire new journeys.

 Everything I create is inspired by my travels and love of nature. I incorporate a lot of my life, interests, and art into each design.  I pour a lot of energy into crafting each piece and I enjoy working with my unique customers from all over the world.  I am proud to say nothing in my shop is massed produced. It’s all made by me and made to order.

I hope you stay a while and make yourself at home.